15 Best Foods in Nepal You Must Try- 2021

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Nepalese food is termed to be one of the best cuisines in the world. Whether it be the taste of the food, the spices used so far, or the food’s overall presentation, Nepalese cuisine can always stand in the front position. No matter how bad one feels, a typical Nepalese cuisine can easily make their mood better.

There is quite a lot of Nepalese food that can quickly gather the attention of lots of people in a few minutes. Here, we have pointed out the top 15 best foods in Nepal. Read the entire article and get to know much about Nepalese cuisine.

Best Foods In Nepal

1. Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat- Best Foods in Nepal

Dal Bhat is termed to be the typical Nepali household food. You can get to see Dal Bhat in every Nepali house. No matter what, Dal Bhat is always the priority of every Nepalese. It is way easier to cook as well as serve. 

It consists of steamed rice along with some lentil soup. This dish is mainly filled with some vegetables, pickles, or meat products (if required) and some yogurt. To prepare this dish, you firstly need to take some rice, lentils, and all of the needed masalas that includes salt, turmeric powder, ginger, garlic (to add some taste). 

A proper “Jhaneko” dal could add up the flavor slightly and make the entire dish a perfect one. The black gram beans (commonly known as mass ko dal) boost their taste when used some “jimbu” for the seasoning purpose.

2. Momos

Momo- Best Foods in Nepal

It is the most famous food in Nepal. From small children to any older people, everyone loves momos. Also known as dumplings, it is a dish where we prepare small Rotis and stuff it with veggies or keema. Whether it be a rainy day, sunny day, winter, or summer, people can enjoy momos at any time efficiently. 

For the tourists visiting Nepal, it is a must to try the dish. While serving with different kinds of sauces, it brings out some fantastic taste. The combination of hot dumplings and gravy makes the perfect combination to beat any other dishes easily.

 Momos are the most common snack of Nepal, and hence can be available at any place. Whether it be the roadside cafes or some luxurious restaurant, no other food can be replaced by momos. Once someone enjoys the taste of momos, there is no way going back then.

3. Bara

Bara- Best Food in Nepal

Bara, also known as Wo, is a very famous Newari food in Nepal. Newari culture itself is termed one of the best cultures of Nepal. They have their own typical Newari culture, and the Newari food has no comparison for sure. 

Talking about the bara, it is prepared with the help of green lentils batter. Making a thick batter out of green lentil helps to create a perfect bara roti as a result. It is explicitly prepared during a festival called “Sithi Nakha” but can be scheduled at any other time. Newari foods are termed to be much healthy as well as light, so is this bara.

It is quite lighter so that anyone can digest it easily, from small children to older people. It is purely a vegetarian dish so that anyone can enjoy it with no fear. But, for non-vegetarians, some eggs and minced chicken, can also be added up while making the bara.

4. Selroti

Sel Roti- Best food in Nepal

Selroti is one of the popular snacks in Nepal. Majorly prepared during the festive seasons of Nepal (Dashain & Tihar), it is ready with the help of a thick batter of rice flour. Once a thick batter is made, along with all the required ingredients (required amount of sugar and any other masalas in some cases), it is now all set to be prepared.

A circular disk of this batter is poured in the hot oil, fried deeply, making the outer layer crunchy and the inner layer a soft one. The crispy outer and soft inner layer makes the perfect combination and gives an excellent taste. 

It can be served with anything, pickle, veggies, tea, coffee, or can be eaten without them. Selroti is the most preferred food of Nepal, so any age group enjoys this particular dish. If you’re visiting Nepal, do not miss to try Selroti.

5. Samosa

Samosha- Best Food In Nepal

Samosa is one of India’s most preferred street food and can also be found easily in Nepal. It is a triangular-shaped deep-fried crunchy dish, stuffed with mashed potatoes, peas, onion, and other required ingredients.

Smaller Rotis are prepared, which is then given the shape of a cone, where we stuff these ingredients properly. While closing the cone, you must be very careful, and make sure that stuff won’t come out while frying them. Once a triangular shape is given along with the stuff, it is then fried deeply in the hot oil. 

The outer layer is made crunchy, which hence gives a delicious taste while eating them. Samosa is mostly served with the chutney, but can also be served with some veggies. The combination of hot spicy samosa and the chutney gives the best taste so far. The more hot the samosa is, the tastier it will be.

6. Yomari

Yomari- Best Food of Nepal

The other most famous Newari food is Yomari. As explained previously, Newari foods are one of the best foods in NepalThee Newari community’s rich culture, and their food can hence beat any other ethnic group and food easily. Rather than any other dishes mentioned above, it is a sweet dish. In this food, a paste of coconut, sesame seeds, and molasses is made. Afterward, the paste is stuffed inside the shaped-Yomari.

It is prepared specially during their festival, Yomari Punhi. This festival falls every year during the winter season. Kathmandu, the heart of Nepal, is known for the significant habitat of the Newar community. So, this food is one of the most popular foods in Kathmandu as well. 

For the cooking purpose, it can be cooked in the same way as momos. Steaming it for about 10-15 minutes hence gives a perfect Yomari. On the other hand, Khuwa Yomari can also be prepared to replace the molasses with some khuwa, cashew nuts, etc.

7. Dhido

Dhido- Best Food in Nepal

Dhido is termed one of the typical Nepali foods. Some people may not like the way it tastes or looks, but it is way healthier than any other dish. Prepared by boiling the cornmeal, buckwheat flour, millet flour, and adding some salt, it comes out as a thick porridge.

This porridge is thus rich in proteins and helps a lot for people on a proper diet. You can see people eating this food as their typical dish in Nepal’s rural areas. They enjoy it because people from urban regions enjoy any kind of street food (let it be momos). Though it has a salty taste in it, it cannot be eaten without anything else.

You can add some veggies or meats or pickles that will give a proper taste of Dhido. Any tourist visiting Nepal must try this food once in their lifetime.

8. Gundruk


You’ll not find even a single Nepali who doesn’t like Gundruk. Termed as Nepal’s national food, it is probably the best food among the list of these 15 foods. For making the Gundruk, you require some green leafy vegetables.

Afterward, these vegetables will be chopped into smaller pieces and kept in a pot along with some mustard, radish, and then left to be picked. Once pickled, it will then throw some acidic juice out of it. Once the juice is all set, you then need to take it out and keep it in the sunlight for some days. It will then turn dry and crunchy, which is the best part of Gundruk.

After the successful preparation of raw Gundruk, it can now be used to make either a soup of Gundruk or the pickle of Gundruk. Both soups, as well as the pickle of Gundruk, is very famous in Nepal, and both taste so good as well.

9. Jujudhau


Jujudhau is also considered as the king of yogurt. Prepared in the Bhaktapur region of Nepal, Jujudhau is very famous among the Nepalese. No one can ignore Jujudhau once they step into Bhaktapur. It has a sweet taste and thick creamy texture, which is the best part to attract people (majorly tourists). 

Jujudhau is made out of buffalo milk, which is why it is way more thick and creamy, and hence it’s the most preferred dessert. To prepare the Jujudhau, you firstly need to boil the milk and sweeten it as much as possible. It is then poured into the small clay pot.

Once poured into the clay pot, it should be kept warm to let the Jujudhau have its unique texture and taste. If you’re visiting Bhaktapur, you must try Jujudhau; else the visit will be considered an incomplete one.

10. Chatamari


This is one more Newari food in Nepal, which is mostly considered to be the Nepali pizza. Just because it has a round shape as of the pizza, it is entirely different from its looks when it comes to taste. It is a rice crepe, cooked along with some eggs, onions, coriander, etc.

Chatamari is prepared during the Newar community’s festive season, but now, it is widely eaten by all of the ethnic groups of Nepal. You can also see a few restaurants or cafes that serve typical Newari food, including this delicious Chatamari.

To prepare this dish, you firstly need to make a thin batter out of the rice flour. Once the batter is ready, you can then heat on the pan and pour the required amount of batter in it and the required toppings. Finally, you can put the lid on and wait for sometimes to get the Chatamari cooked.

11. Thukpa


This dish is majorly preferred in the mountain region of Nepal. Thukpa, also called the noodle soup, is a hot soupy noodle that might contain some meat, eggs, or veggies in it, which gives a perfect taste during the winter. It is considered to have come from the Tibetan culture and can also be seen in many places in Nepal. The restaurant, cafes also provide this dish in an extraordinary manner these days.

During the winters, people consume this dish to get rid of shivering cold. Though inspired by the Tibetan culture, the typical Nepali Thukpa contains many spices (chilly powder and many other spices), giving an authentic Nepali taste.

Having this spicy dish during the winter also provides enough energy for any individual to work or do any task with enough efficiency. You can try this dish in any part of Nepal if you’re planning to visit someday.

12. Samayabaji

Samay baji- Best food in Nepal

Another Newari dish, which is also the most preferred dish in Nepal, Samayabaji, is a spicy dish containing some meats, eggs, hot spicy potatoes, and some beaten rice and many more items. It is also one of the traditional dishes that is served during the Newar community’s festive seasons. It is mostly considered the starter in most festivals and pujas, including the Indrajatra, Dashain, etc.

A proper Samayabaji set can attract any of the people so quickly, but the recipe might vary from house to house, as everyone might have some different kind of taste. This food is also way easier to prepare than any other food listed above. You need to fry some black soybeans, make some spicy potatoes, some meats (if you want), some more veggies (if required), and the beaten rice. 

The Newari people also consider taking their homemade alcohol along with this dish. Samayabaji is one of the best foods of Nepal that you should taste.

13. Choila

Choila- Best Foods in Nepal

This is also one of the most famous Newari food in Nepal. Made out of the buffalo meat, this food is served hot and spicy along with some beaten rice or anything else. It is also one of the delicious ingredients in the Samayabaji.

Choila can also be made out of some other meat products as duck, chicken, goat, etc., but the most preferred one is the buffalo meat. It is also one of the essential Newari food during festivals. Many spices are used to prepare this food to give a perfect taste as the outcome. The green chilies, red chilies, or any other spices used provide an excellent flavor to it.

To prepare this dish, you need to place the meat in the grill pan in medium heat. Make sure that meat doesn’t get burnt. Flip it in a while and cover the lid. The meat is all set in around 10-15 minutes.

14. Tongba


Tongba is one of the beverages prepared in Nepal. It is prepared with the help of millet and hence is significantly healthier to drink as well. Prepared in Nepal’s mountainous region, this beverage is considered a traditional beverage for eastern Nepal’s Limbu community. Offering Tongba to their relatives, friends, or guests symbolizes respecting them.

Limbu people offer Tongba to any of their guests with the hope of maintaining a good relationship with them. The procedure of preparing Tongba is a quiet hectic one, but the result is worth it. It is prepared by cooking and fermenting the whole grain millet. It might take 2-3 days to prepare the Tongba, which ultimately depends on the temperature. 

Once the Tongba is all prepared, it is now all set to be served. When it comes to serving, it is served in a vessel with a straw, which gives a perfect taste of the Tongba.

15. Indian snacks

Indian Snacks

Not just in India, quite a lot of Indian snacks are also widely available in Nepal. Panipuris, Jalebi, Lassi, and many more such snacks can be found easily in Nepal’s streets and are very tasty. From any small children to older people, there is no Nepalese who doesn’t enjoy panipuri. It is a tiny puri filled with mashed potatoes, peas, and all the required spices. Finally, it is dipped into the spicy water, and you can enjoy it.

Talking about the Jalebi, it is a sweet dessert, which is also loved by all of Nepal’s age categories. Jalebi can also be consumed along with a certain amount of yogurt, which hence gives a perfect taste at the end.

Lassi is a drink that can be consumed during the summer. It is so tasty that no one can ignore it when they see any places serving it. The Indrachowk area of Nepal is famous for its Lassi. If you’re visiting Nepal, it is a must to try these snacks.


I want to suggest you try Momos, Gundruk, and Jujudhau when visiting Nepal. These are the typical Nepali foods that contain many spices that also make it much tastier and give a perfect taste to every bite you take. The momos found in Nepali restaurants are served along with the fantastic chutneys, giving a perfect flavor. So is the Gundruk and Jujudhau. These three food items are entirely different from each and others but are very tasty in their way.

Some of the best restaurants where you can find all these foods are Newa Lahana, Harati Newari Restaurant, Dalle, Botaबोता Simply MO:MO, Trishara, Royal Countryside Resort. You can also find these foods in other local restaurants where prices are comparatively less than above mentions restaurants.

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