Best Places To Visit In Nepal

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Do you love traveling? Are you feeling bored at your place due to the COVID-19? Are you willing to travel once this pandemic is over?

If yes, welcome to my web journal. We are listing the Best places to visit in Nepal once this pandemic is over. Nepal is a stunning inland country settled in South Asia. China encircles it within the north and Bharat within the south, east, and west. 

Nepal is incredibly celebrated for the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha), the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, and lots of additional. Nepal additionally referred to the House of the Himalayas.

Traveling is everyone’s hobby, everybody wants to visit new places, take photos, and transfer on social media. Am I right? Are you making plans to travel after this Pandemic? Are you planning to visit Nepal? 

Top 10 Best Tourism Places in Nepal

We have listed the best places to visit in Nepal for your reference according to the popularity and scenery. We have discussed the places in this article.

1. Kathmandu Valley 

Kathmandu Valley is the capital and largest city of Nepal. Kathmandu is also called the city of Temples. As a result, you’ll notice a temple in each corner. Kathmandu has historic sites, ancient temples, shrines, and charming villages. Most of the folks in the Katmandu area follow Hinduism. Kathmandu is the single place within the world where the living god kumari lives.

The Kathmandu area’s main highlights are Bauddhanath, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath Temple, Hanuman Dhoka. UNESCO World Heritage Site has listed all of them as a World Heritage Site.

Different other famous places that you need to visit are:

  1. Thamel
  2. Kirtipur
  3. Budhanilkantha
  4. Sundarijal
  5. Kumari Bahal

Being the capital town and having plenty of opportunities, other cities’ variety is increasing daily. So, it’s obtaining a lot of inhabited and impure. The central issue of the Kathmandu valley is traffic and pollution.

Besides traffic and pollution, I can guarantee that you will fall in love with Katmandu due to the climate, historic temples, and the valley’s durbars. If you enjoy music and dance, then there are various choices within the Kathmandu valley. A number of the happening clubs and restaurants are  Trisara, Club Deja Vu, Purple Haze Rock Bar, Durbar, L.O.D.

The most effective time to go to Katmandu is Late September to December. Throughout these months, the place remains dry and felicitous for exploration, trekking, and the native festival makes it more fascinating. So, Kathmandu is considered as one of the best places to visit in Nepal.

Want to know more about Kathmandu? If you say yes then Click Here.

2. Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is another lovely place in Nepal where you ought to visit once. Bhaktapur is outside of the Capital of Nepal. The space between the Capital of Nepal (Kathmandu) and Bhaktapur is about 10-12 Km. Bhaktapur is additionally known for its historic Temples, Royal Palaces, and cultures of the native.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The significant highlights of Bhaktapur are:

  1. 55 Window Palace
  2. Bhaktapur room sq.
  3. Nyatapola Temple
  4. Change Narayan
  5. Siddha Pokhari
  6. The Bhairavnath Temple
  7. Taleju Bhawani Temple
  8. Pilot Baba Temple

These are the few places we tend to advocate for you to go to once extremely. Bhaktapur is also known for its native cooking (Newari foods) and the famous Juju Dhau, which suggests “The King of Yogurt” within the Newari language. “Dhau” suggests that sweet yogurt. The most effective time to go to Bhaktapur is throughout the spring (March to April) and Autumn (October to November).

3. Pokhara

Pokhara is a mesmerizing city circumvented by some of the world’s highest mountains, i.e., Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna. Pokhara is very famous for hiking, Bungee, paragliding, Zipline, and boating. Pokhara is additionally known as the gateway to the Himalayas.

Pokhara is 202 km (125.5 miles) from Kathmandu. Pokhara will impress you by its nature and greeny environment, which is circumvented by lakes. Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake, and Rupa Lake are the famous lakes in Pokhara. You can witness the mindblowing mountain views. 

The main highlights of Pokhara are:

  1. Fewa Lake
  2. Begnas Lake
  3. Tal Barahi Temple
  4. Davi’s Fall
  5. Mahendra Cave
  6. World Peace Pagoda
  7. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
  8. Sharankot

These are the places we highly recommend you to visit in Pokhara. The nightlife of Pokhara is astonishing; you might relish it additionally. So, give it an endeavor. You can have your dinner listening to live music. The famous Clubs in Pokhara are Trisara, Busy Bee, Rolling Stone Rock Bar, Kings Lounge. Mid of the year is the best time to explore Pokhara. During these months, the place remains dry and has a clear sky to witness the mountains’ range.

4. Chitwan

Chitwan is the second-most sizably voluminous town after Kathmandu Valley. Chitwan is also popular because of the habitation of 1 horn rhinoceros. Narayani and Rapti River have circumvented Chitwan completely. Chitwan is exceptionally famed for the Jungle expedition and wildlife. 

Chitwan is merely 97.7 km (60.7 miles) from Kathmandu. Chitwan is hugely famous for Chitwan National Park, which is the first National Park of Nepal. UNESCO World Heritage site has also listed Chitwan National Park in its list. Chitwan National Park is the most effective place to discover wildlife.

The Major highlights of Chitwan are:

  1. Sauraha
  2. Narayani River
  3. Rapti River
  4. Golaghat
  5. Jungle safari
  6. Elephant Safari
  7. Bishazar Taal

The visitor comes to Chitwan to discern various wild animals like the Bengal tiger, leopard, Rhino, Bear, Deer, and plenty of other creatures. Chitwan National Park has more than 450 species of birds and more than 50 species of Ferns and Fauna. The greeny jungle and also the environment of Chitwan can make you fall in love with this place. The most effective time to visit Chitwan emanates from October to March.

5. Lumbini

Among all the famous places in Nepal, Lumbini is one of them. Lumbini is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is just 259km (160.9 miles) away from Kathmandu. Lumbini is celebrated for the origin of Lord Gautam Buddha, who found Buddhism.

Lumbini has many older temples and the incipient temples, funded by Buddhist organizations from many other nations. In Lumbini, there are more than 15 monasteries, which represent different other countries.

The main highlights of Lumbini are:

  1. Maya Devi Temple
  2. Bodhi Tree
  3. Mayadevi pond
  4. Ashoka pillar
  5. World peace pagoda 
  6. China Temple

Maya Devi Temple is accepted to be the place where Buddha was born. Many tourists are attracted to Lumbini because of the environment, places, and cultures. The best time to visit Lumbini is April and May because it is the months of Buddha Jayanthi (the time when Buddha was born), and at that time, you can explore Lumbini more intimately. September to November is also a productive time to explore Lumbini. After the monsoon weather commences to cool down, sunrise and sunset views are the most ravishing that brings life in Lumbini.

6. Gorkha 

Gorkha, being a small city but managed to attract lots of visitors to its land. Gorkha is just 143.6 km (89.22 miles) from Kathmandu Valley. Gorkha is very famous for its historical event. King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who united Nepal, was born in Gorkha. The courageous soldier named as “Gurkha” designated after this place’s name. The word Gorkha is prevalent in most of the nation, which makes us Nepali Proud.

Gorkha is renowned for the historic old Durbars, Temples, and the natural environment, which attracts thousands of visitors. Gorkha is also the gateway to the famous Manaslu Circuit Trek. Trekkers start their Trek from Arughat Bazar, Gorkha. Many domestic and international tourists visit Gorkha to witness the historic royal palace, Temples, and the mesmerizing ScenarioScenario of the mountain range such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Himchuli, and other on the northern part of the city.   

The main highlights of Gorkha are:

  1. Manakamana Temple
  2. Gorkha Kalika Temple
  3. Gorkha Museum
  4. Gorkha Palace

Having a beautiful climate and environment, you can visit Gorkha at every season. The Scenario from the top of the Gorkha Kalika Temple is mesmerizing. I can assure you that you will fall in love with Gorkha. So, I highly recommend you to visit Gorkha at least once.

7. Dharan

Dharan is one of the major cities in eastern Nepal found between the slopes’ foot and the Terai edge. Dharan is also known as “Fashionable City” because the town’s youth are masters in Design, fashions, and patterns. It has numerous devout places and culture which draw in the visitor.

Dharan is 381.4 km ( 236.9 miles) from Kathmandu. Dharan is exceptionally near to India’s south-eastern border so that individuals from both nations share each other’s conventions and cultures. Dharan is also one of the best places to visit in Nepal.

The significant highlights of Dharan are: 

  1. Budhasubba Dantakali 
  2. Pindeshwore Baba Dham 
  3. Bhedetar 
  4. Namje Village 
  5. Namaste Falls 

Dharan has glorious weather, neither hot nor cold thus, the most excellent time to visit Dharan is all year circular. It is also the starting point to the mesmerizing eastern hilly districts like Dhankutta, Taplejung, Terhathum, Morang, Jhapa, and Illam, where mountains and Terai fields meet.

The peaceful nature and magnificent landscape of Dharan will make your visit-worthy. The local cuisine like Pork Sekuwa, Aalu Nimki, and Dharane Kalo Bungur ko Sekuwa is Dharan’s most famous cuisine.

8. Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek

ABC Trek is one of the renowned and outstanding trekking routes in Nepal. Throughout this Trek, you’ll see the scenery and culture dramatically modified from climatic zone forests, paddy fields, and the world’s deepest watercourse gorge to ice flows, mountain views, various landscapes, and distinctive culture.

This Trek starts from Pokhara to Phedi and ends from Tatopani, Beni, to Pokhara. This Trek also comes alongside the Poonhill trek package, wherever most of the traveler endeavors to reach in Poon Hill early to visually understand the sunrise and breathtaking view of the mountain peak i,e. Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Machapuchare. From Poon Hill, it’s potential to understand the 20 of the highest mountains visually.

The main highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Trek are:

  1. Annapurna Himal
  2. Poonhill
  3. Ghandruk Village
  4. Manang
  5. Tatopani

This Trek is essentially one to twenty days. October and November is the most productive season to Trek to Annapurna Base Camp, thanks to the crystal clear sky at that point. However, it’s additionally believed that the Annapurna Base camp Trek is appropriate throughout the year. 

Annapurna Region is one of the most attractive trekking regions. So, it would be best if you gave it a try. Throughout this Trek, you’ll be able to play on the lamp of the Himalayas and build a precious memory.

9. Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek is the famous short trekking route located eastwards of the most excellent A.B.C. Trek. Mardi Himal trekking may be a tropical and fascinating trekking course within the western Annapurna Region. The expedition covers a few of the breathtaking frigid valleys and the conceal Scene of the Annapurna region. This Trek will make you understand the beauty of nature. 

Mardi Himal Trek starts from Pokhara to Deurali and ends from High camp, Lumre, and Pokhara. This adventurous Trek is one of the most excellent brief treks within the Himalayas of Nepal. 

The tough path of Mardi Himal adorned with rhododendron trees, teahouses, magnificent scenes, big valleys, and grand mountains.

The Significant highlights of Mardi Himal Trek are:

  1. Pokhara site viewing
  2. Deurali
  3. Low Camp
  4. High Camp
  5. Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal Journey could be a year-long trekking area that lies in the heart of the Himalayas. You can do this adventurous Trek at any time of the year, but the best time to Trek Mardi Himal is in March, April, May, September, October, November. On the way, you can feel the fresh air, greeny forest, and smell of rhododendron makes your Trek even more special.

10. Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake is one of the world’s highest lakes located in the Manang District at an elevation of 4,919M (16,138 ft) within the Annapurna Region. Its bright blue tastefulness has pulled in guests from all over the world. This journey begins from Besisahar and takes after Marshyangdi, with a few excellent sees of Manaslu and Himal Chuli to the east.

Trekkers endeavoring the Annapurna Circuit course usually cross the watershed between Manang and Kali Gandaki valleys over 5416 m i,e. Thorong La pass. The interchange route, avoiding Tilicho Lake from the north, has been picking up ubiquity. This course is more requesting and requires at least one night of camping. 

The journey to the highest lake within the world is full of mind-blowing sees of the breathtaking Himalayas, fertile green slopes, broad valleys, and conventional towns of the Buddhist community.

The Significant highlights of Tilicho Lake are:

  1. Manang
  2. Muktinath
  3. Jomsom
  4. Tilicho Base Camp
  5. Tilicho Lake

The Tilicho trek might be challenging for some trekkers, but the mystic view of mountains and lakes will make it worthy. This Trek is usually of 8 – 12 days. It starts from Besisahar to Manang and ends from Manang, Beshishar, to Kathmandu. So, Tilicho is one of the best places to visit in Nepal.


Nepal is a beautiful nation having plenty of amazing places to travel in. Among the over-specified places, we exceedingly prescribe you to visit Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, and Gorkha. And if you adore trekking at that point, pack your bag and go for Tilicho, Mardi, and A.B.C. Adventurous Trek. I guarantee you may cherish these places.

Note: These are only a few places that we have mentioned as there are still lots of other beautiful places like Everest Base Camp, Illam, Manaslu trek, Upper Mustang Trek, and many more. Stay tuned for additional articles.

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